"if you're afraid of butter, use cream." - Julia Child


photo credit: Jordan Hutchison


I’m Jessica Cody: not a trained chef; never been to culinary school; and I make no claim of cooking expertise. But I love cooking more than most things in this world.

I taught myself to cook a decade ago and I still spend most of my days in the kitchen, pursuing the next great dish. And then the one after that.

I remember the frustrations of starting out cooking and burning the crostini. Or way under-cooking the Cornish Game Hens I Thought Would Taste So Fancy — by unknowingly cooking them upside down (that happened, and there ain’t nothing fancy about the emergency room, so pizza it was that night). Or when you’re finally a seasoned home cook and just having a plain old rough day in the kitchen… maybe it’s humid, so the flour just won’t do what you want it to and your dough isn’t coming together properly. You know.

I think home cooks are tougher because of experiences like this, because we learned on the fly. It’s a constant journey of trial and error, and it has a way of eliminating the faint of heart. (If you’re a crier, it also helps to not have an open floor plan. Some things in the kitchen are better kept a secret).

It’s because of this toughness and ingenuity that one of my favorite things to do outside the kitchen is talk to other devoted home cooks and exchange and compare recipes, techniques, tools, technology, chefs, food blogs — anything and everything food. And that’s why I’m so glad you’re here. Come join us.